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Multimedia kiosks are workstations that may be standalone or networked through a large computer. They are specially made for public places to be used for a number of purposes. The word multimedia itself suggests they present information in different types of media, such as graphics, images, text, sound and video. Multimedia kiosks are quite useful for consumers and are mostly found in airports, supermarkets, shopping malls and convenience stores. Custom Kiosk Manufacturer

Greater customer impact

With a multi-media kiosk, you certainly want to leave a long lasting impact in the mind of potential customers through the use of attractive graphics, video, text and images. We have a dedicated team trained to advise you on the critical aspect of deciding the content as well as the overall design of the kiosk to attract a customer. You can also seek assistance from our trusted partners who have specialized training and experience in different vertical markets.

What functionalities to include

A multimedia kiosk can be designed to include as much functionality as you desire. A photo printing kiosk is a popular multimedia kiosk that offers varied functions to the user. It enables the user to insert the memory card from the digital camera and then loads the photos on the screen and helps the user to select the picture which has to be printed. In addition the user can also make certain changes in the picture, such as manipulating the color, exposure, etc. Some kiosks allow immediate photo print, while in some others, the image is printed by the store employee.
DVD rental kiosk is another multimedia kiosk which is becoming quite popular these days. It allows the customer to make the payment through cash or credit card and choose a DVD to rent. When the customer has watched the DVD he can return it through the kiosk, without the presence of any store employee.

Customize multimedia kiosk

These are just a few instances of where a multimedia kiosk can be installed. The expert professionals at Kiosks, Inc. can offer a customized solution to address your specific business needs. Customized kiosks are being increasingly used in school, colleges and companies for their specific needs. Some business owners let their staff clock in and clock out through customized multimedia kiosks. There is increasing realization of its enhanced impact on users and multimedia kiosks are finding entry into different vertical markets of late.
Call us at Kiosks, Inc. to design a multimedia kiosk to suit your requirement. We can break down a complex business requirement and design a simple solution with the help of our dedicated team of professionals.